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Our staff fully knows the requirements of residential projects, whether in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria. As locals, we understand how changeable and demanding our environment can be, and that this is an important factor to consider when framing.

Understanding your specific project needs and producing residential steel frames

It’s useful to have obligation-free expert guidance while you try to satisfy the residential steel frame requirements of your project. When you initially contact our team, we will spend time getting to know you and your project. We will understand exactly what you require – and when – and then demonstrate how we can assist you.

We may collaborate using 3D designs to guarantee that your demands are properly satisfied and that the result will stand the test of time. When you give us the go-ahead, our cutting-edge fabrication team gets to work. If you like, we may build the structure on-site. If you want to build your own domestic steel frames, we can give entire blueprints and all essential connectors.

Why are residential steel frames used?

Several important project advantages

Knowing how it compares to traditional wood alternatives, it’s also useful to understand that domestic steel frames:

  • Provide a lighter option with built-in strength and longevity.
  • Provide outstanding strength-to-weight ratios for load-bearing applications.
  • It acts as a positive lightning conductor to the ground.


We would gladly counsel and manage on projects large and small to guarantee the most efficient and economical alternatives are addressed to get the greatest outcomes in purpose-built structures.

We can provide and install utilising professional and devoted installers who are willing to travel and remain on-site if necessary. On major projects where work monitoring is necessary, Aldo Steel Frame may send a representative to oversee the frame aspect, ensuring that the installation happens smoothly and on schedule. Because no two sites are the same and each demands a unique strategy, having an experienced and conversant supervisor is crucial.

Our frames are constructed with the most recent technology in the production of light gauge steel framing. When combined with Aldo Steel Frame’s knowledge and experience, you can be confident that your building is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Why you should trust us ?

Quick turnaround

From order to delivery Aldo Steel Frames takes pride in its quick turnaround time; typically, frames can be delivered and installed within a couple of weeks of ordering.

Expert guidance

Where most people get stuck, Aldo Steel Frames may give advice and remedies to potential site difficulties taking into account a realistic economic solution.


The benefits of Aldo Steel Frames often lower the structural steel element of framing while meeting or surpassing the specified loads.


Because of its strength, dependability, longevity, safety, and simplicity of construction, industrial steel structures are the most prevalent choice for designing and constructing industrial buildings. It is perfect for businesses such as manufacturing, petrochemical, and others that demand huge plants for mass output. As a reputable steel structure company, we provide high-quality, environmentally friendly products at a reasonable price. We may design and build industrial steel structures based on the project needs of the customer, or we can produce them based on the designs given by the customer.

Lightweight Steel Structure

Light steel structures are commonly used in industrial buildings that do not support heavy weights. It uses light H-section steel (welded or rolled; variable cross-section or equal cross-section) to make portal steel frame support, C-shaped, profiled steel plates or lightweight sandwich panels as the roof and wall enclosure structure, and assembles the light steel structure building with high-strength bolts, ordinary bolts, self-tapping screws, and other connectors and sealing materials.

The light steel structure is a good alternative for constructing industrial buildings since it allows for quick, convenient, and cost-effective construction. Large open spans and functional areas for workshops, warehouses, sheds, and other industrial facilities may be created using a steel frame. Furthermore, it is seismically resistant and can improve the overall seismic performance of the structure

Industrial Steel Structure Design

We may design the steel structure based on the real demands of your project, or we can process the steel structure based on the designs you supply. To ensure safety and dependability, industrial steel structures are designed in accordance with industry and national requirements. Steel beams, columns, and trusses are commonly used in the building of steel structures. Each structure may be uniquely designed and built to meet the needs of the client.

Industrial structural steel construction can provide the following benefits:

  • Durability
  • Thermal protection
  • Excellent quality
  • Construction time
  • Wind protection
  • Resistance to fire