Floor Joist

  • Steel floor joists are the primary option of clients seeking steel products for future residential or commercial building projects since they are easy for construction workers to lift and install.
  • In comparison to other joists, Aldo Steel Frames offers steel flooring solutions that are more robust and powerful. Our staff is dedicated to supplying high-quality steel joists that meet our clients’ project criteria.
  • Our engineers make sure that our customers benefit from our depth of industry knowledge. We have also developed the capacity to produce floor joists in a variety of sizes, guaranteeing that each one is custom built to fulfil the need.

Reasons To Use Steel Floor Joists?

Steel floor joists are both lightweight and incredibly strong, allowing them to provide excellent long-term stability for any flooring project. Lightweight steel is a common choice in locations where the weather can be harsh.

Steel joists do not shrink, rot, warp, or droop like timber joists. Steel floor joists are used to build floors exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Steel inhibits the formation of mould and termites, making it a suitable floor building material for damp environments. Steel joist flooring is quieter than wood floors and does not split or warp.

Decking Steel Joists

We provide steel joists for decking construction in homes and structures. The decking material performed admirably in changing weather conditions. We can also assist you if you wish to develop a new decking area or replace old and worn out decking material.

Our steel joists for decking are expertly manufactured from lightweight gauge steel. To avoid decay and damage, the steel is coated with a protective coating. Our steel joists are fully suitable with a variety of materials, regardless of whether you use PVC or wood decking.

Wall frame

Steel wall panels have always been utilised in the building sector. Steel frame is a more durable, safer, and dependable building material with a high load-bearing capability.

At Aldo Steel Frames, we endeavour to provide devoted customer service as well as a high-quality steel wall framing system to assist our clients in getting started. Aldo Steel Frames can provide you with on-site support or a supply of lightweight steel items for construction. We are completely concerned with what our clients desire and how we can meet their requirements.

Do you require Steel Wall Frames?

We create steel frame systems that are both long-lasting and adaptable. While manufacturing and supplying supplies to our clients, we adhere to Australian norms and rules. We have the capability of delivering revolutionary lightweight gauge steel framing items to your door on time.

We use cutting-edge engineering programmes, software, equipment, and machines to create the highest quality steel framing panels and frames. Steel walls and frames are utilized to create big, open interior areas.

What Sets Aldo Steel Frames Services Apart?

Aldo Steel Frames offers the most advanced production facilities and technological resources in Melbourne. We provide lightweight gauge steel wall panels that are both durable and sustainable for both residential and commercial building projects. From steel wall frames to steel roof trusses, we offer a steady supply of factory-finished steel construction materials that satisfy our clients’ needs.

In Melbourne, we provide a variety of customised and cost-effective steel frames. You may rely on us the next time you need comprehensive lightweight gauge steel structural solutions for your next project.


When it comes to selecting an appropriate and long-lasting roofing construction material, nothing beats steel. Steel roof trusses are a light-weight building material that does not require extensive maintenance or chemical treatments to ensure long-term durability. Steel roof trusses in Melbourne are the ideal material for building and home construction since they are easier to install than other framing materials. It has a high tensile strength and is resistant to moisture.

What are the advantages of using steel roof trusses?

Steel roof trusses for residential constructions are becoming increasingly popular in the Australian market. Steel trusses have a high weight load capacity due to their strong tensile strength and compression pressures. The roof truss is made up of three internal components that work together to achieve an equilibrium of forces.

Aldo Steel Frames has a team of experienced specialists that will work with you from the first stage of selecting the appropriate steel materials through project completion. We provide gauge steel and structural steel to expedite our clients’ construction projects.

Our lightweight gauge steel roof truss systems are an excellent alternative to the old-fashioned usage of heavy structural steel. We can offer you a no-obligation price based on your service needs.

What do we have to offer?

  • Years of experience in the industry
  • A committed and enthusiastic team
  • Solutions for customized steel roof trusses
  • Personalized strategy
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Expertise